2002 Toyota Prius

Electrical problem
2002 Toyota Prius 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

I recently acquired a used 2002 Prius with 95000 miles on the odometer but which had a complete engine and battery pack replacement under extended warranty 17000 miles ago. Service records indicate it's been faithfully maintaned by a Toyota dealer since it was bought new in 2002. It drives perfectly. However, while driving, from time to time all of the idiot lights start to glow from very dim to about half their brightest level. If I step on the brakes the lights get dimmer and finally go off completely. Sometimes this recurs during the same trip, but generally doesn't happen again until the car has been parked for few hours. My question: is this normal, or does it signal a problem? I can't find any mention of this issue in the owner's manual. The only reference is to warning lights that come on and stay on, requiring service. Should I be worrying about an impending major repair?
October 27, 2009.

Let me first say no this is not normal. I looked over the wiring diagram and it is quite the wiring diagram. Now from what I can tell it looks like the body control module is in control of what the instrument panel see's. So if you have a digital ohm meter and you are comfortable enough doing some testing then I can walk you through some tests. If you are not comfortable with doing this then I would take it to a shop you trust and have it checked. Let me know what you want to do.

Oct 27, 2009.
Thanks for the tip.

I have an excellent mechanic nearby who can run the tests. I've ordered a complete set of 2002 Prius Service manuals for him to use on the car. He has a mechanic working for him who used to work on Hybrid Toyotas in a previous job and is familiiar with them, but the shop had no tech manuals for them to refer to.

If I still have any issues I'll get back to you.

Oct 27, 2009.
Ok sounds good. However if you would let me know what is found too. THanks.

Oct 28, 2009.