2001 Toyota Prius

Air Conditioning problem
2001 Toyota Prius 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 210000 miles
Great answer on last question, able to determine sinsor is bad.
Whoever answers please see above link.

I have wired a/c direct - so I have cold air. What I need is easy way to keep motor running when I am at a stop (Prius cuts off motor). If I press a/c switch it does make motor come on for short time, but as soon as computer makes switch blink it cuts motor off.
I know replacing the sensor on compressor will be done - but I don't have equipment to evacuate a/c, so for now just need to know where to do momentary contact switch to kick in motor when at a stop. Preferrably someplace that won't harm it :)
I know many things tell it to run motor...
I'll donate $10. please help.

August 12, 2009.

Hi Jason,

Very sorry for delay in answering you question.

I am not very familar with any sensors mounted on the compressors, but also not very familar with hybrid and haven't worked on any. But will do my best to assist.

Could you take picture and post, of compressor and sensor location?


Aug 22, 2009.