1995 Toyota Previa

Heater problem
1995 Toyota Previa 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 293000 miles

Purchased Previa recently when you turn on the heater all it makes is a click sound and nothing else. I`ve checked the fuses in the fuse box all are ok. Do you think it needs a new blower? I have not checked to see if the a/c works. Also the rear makes a roar type sound the previous owner said it needs a new diff but I`m guessing it might be the rear wheel bearings. Any suggestions thank for your time.
Dang yank
October 18, 2009.

Try powering the blower motor direct from the battery and see what happens if it fires up then its not the problem -could be the relays/blower switch

Oct 18, 2009.
Hi and thanks for the info I dont have a manual for my Previa yet would you know if the blower motor in at the middle of the dash and where the relay switch is located.

Dang yank
Oct 18, 2009.