1992 Toyota Previa

Air Conditioning problem
1992 Toyota Previa 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 123000 miles

My blower motor was coming on intermittently - then just on med and high. One day smelled a burning electrical smell - ac blower no longer runs -

Now when I turn on blower and depress AC switch nothing happens - not even a green light by the AC button which used to always be thwere when the button was depressed.

When I depress the AC switch the engine can be heard goiong under load - the compressor runs and the rear AC blows cold (separate blower and blower switch for rear)

The front has nothing going on so I bought a switch out of the local upull a part as well as a blower resistor. I checked the blower by jumping it to the battery - front blower runs fine - swapped the blower switch and resistor but got no result - still no AC

Any clue? Are there other relays or fuses I could replace?

June 17, 2009.

Check 40 amp Circuit Breaker #37 in instrument panel fuse box.
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Jun 18, 2009.
Hi jle11629,

From the symptoms description of electrical burning smell, I believe it could be due to a burnt control unit.

I have the schematic here and I would suggest checking the 2 amplifiers.

Jun 18, 2009.