Toyota Pickup

I have a 1992 toyota pickup 22re I have a small miss along with a rotten egg smell comeing out of the exhaust I checked the fuel reg. For sings of gas none! And when I apply on the break with my a/c on the truck idels in and out (high and low) checked Break booster fine along with hoses. Please help
March 29, 2006.

The rotten egg smell is the catalyc converter. If you have changed the pugs, wires, distributer cap and rotor you might want to do a compression test. It could also be an injector on that cyl. They have micro micro screens on the injector fuel input. How many miles in the truck?

Apr 3, 2006.
Its a rebuilt motor with less than 10K miles on it. I just had the injectors pulled out and serviced to make sure they are all working correctly. Sometimes I get a good amount of pressure blowing out of the exahust other times not as good. I've done a compression check on it and it says everything is good. Thanks a lot.

Apr 11, 2006.