1994 Toyota Pickup

Engine Mechanical problem
1994 Toyota Pickup 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 230135 miles

I have read through some of the appropriate threads and am going to check the airmass sensor as well as for air intake components that I have not already replaced.
the car has a new air filter, plugs, cap, rotor, and plug wires. (Except for the filter all Toyota parts)

After driving the car for some distance. It will stutter; the RPM gauge will drop down sometimes to 0 and then recover itself almost immediately. When the gauge is indicating this the combustion power is gone and the check engine light comes on for a brief flash) upon recovery the truck performs as normal. It is an unpredictable occurrence. Driving hard, soft, idling does not seem to affect the occurence.

At times if you are not rolling or if you are coming to a stop it will kill the motor.

this is what caused me to " tune up" the car and upon hearing a sucking sound discovered some big tears in between the baffles on the last part of the air intake before it goes into the motor.

ANY ADDITIONAL INSIGHT would be greatly appreciated!
Jim farnlacher
November 7, 2010.

Have the computer scan for codes there's a problem within the engine management system that caused the CEL to turn on-this is your starting point of diagnosis-finding out what is going on.

Nov 8, 2010.
I will go to get the car diagnostic scanned. However the check engine light only briefly flashes during the power loss. (Will a code be sent with the light off?) AND I do hear a distinct clicking noise on most instances of the power loss. And then a click when the power comes back on. The power loss is very short like a stutter, or slightly longer like a hesitation.

Jim farnlacher
Nov 8, 2010.
Don't always rely on the computer to pop a code. Just jumper the check connector terminal Te-1 and E-1 and count the falshes in 2 digits for example code 12 it will flash pause flash flash.

Nov 8, 2010.