1998 Toyota Landcruiser

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Toyota Landcruiser 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 128000 miles

Hi. I have a 1998 landcruiser with the 4500 l engine and 128 miles on the back. The engine has develloped a kind of knocking at 2200 rev/s under load. It's not related to speed but rev/s. I 've had it for repair several times here in Oman, with no succes. The knocking is getting worse. The compression has been tested and is fine on all 6 cylinders. I was thinking it migt be main bearing, but local people say this engine (1fz-fe) NEVER has main bearing problems. The oil pressure meter is around mid-scale at normal use. Engine mounting have been changed an driveshafts checked. The engine seems to have ok Torque. I don't know if it is related, but their is a distinctiv smell of unburned fuel, when the engine I running.
Is it main bearings, clogged injector, weak ignition, other.
I love the car and it's driving me crazzy.

Any suggestions?

Mike in Oman
November 16, 2008.

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