2003 Toyota Highlander

Engine problem
2003 Toyota Highlander 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 32,000 miles

My CEL came on. I pulled the code using a MAC tools OBD scan tool. The code came up P1150, undefind code. I could not find this code in my Toyota service manual. This I found weird. I had my vehicle serviced and they said my CEL was due to an O2 sensor, Bank 2. These sensors usually last for100k don't they? I pulled the sensor out and inspected it as well as wiped it off and re-installed it. Same problem. Toyota parts told me they have never ordered one in which leads me to believe that this is not the problem. Not to mention the cost of the sensor being $240. I don't want to r& r this to find out that the sensor is not the problem. The vehicle is running very rich as I can smell the fuel in the interior Is the maf sensor the problem? I am going to see if I knocked a vacuum hose off but I doubt it. What else should I look for? Thanks
February 10, 2008.

P1150= Air/fuel sensor circuit range/performance...
Check the air filter! and MAF for dirt...But the sensor is mounted on the exhuast manifold, here's the trouble shooting steps...

Feb 10, 2008.
P1155= 02 sensor heater circuit, if it doesnt heat up, it will not work.

Feb 12, 2008.