1983 Toyota Corona

Tires and Wheels problem
1983 Toyota Corona 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 265000 miles

My son bought the car - it had 13" rims/tyres. A friend gave him 14" rims. And he changed them to the 14". Since then he has 13" on the back and 14" on the front. I told him he was crazy and that it may void your insurance if you have a car crash and it would make the speedo and milage reading inacurate. Can you tell me what other problems the 14" wheels will have and also the 14" on the front and 13" on the back
a father pulling his hair out
Wayne mudge
August 18, 2010.

HI there,

This will up set the steering, handling and breaking setup of the car, and it will I feel void any insurance and the speedo reading will be out so watch out for speeding tickets.

Mark (mhpautos)

Aug 19, 2010.