1990 Toyota Corolla

I recently got the corolla wagon '90 from a friend at the time it would not start. It has around 200k miles, is automatic, 1.6 litre EFI 4FE motor, FWD.
it hadn't been running for about 6 months, I replaced the distributor cap w/leads and spark plugs. It then seemed to run fine as I remember, the weather was colder then and I still needed to replace the exhaust manifold, so it hasn't left the drive way yet. Now the weather is in the 80-90's it is missing sort of. (Sort of like it is running out of fuel)
The car starts fine and after running for a little while it will miss a few times then continue to idle fine, I can rev it up and it may also miss. Then at times it misses that bad that it finally stalls. I have checked the compression, temporary bloked of return fuel line from regulator incase that wasn't maintain pressure.
also tried the self diagnoises system, it just repeatedly flashed - no codes
Need help with ideas of what to check next. Or even better what it is.
June 17, 2007.

91 corola wagon, auto, 2w, 137K, similar problem, it was the vacuum line leaking, check that!

Jun 23, 2007.