"89 SR5 420,000KM 4 CYL.

1989 Toyota Corolla

Recently when I start the engine and its sitting and idling, it immediately begins making a screeching/whining noise - sitting in the drivers seat the sound sometimes vibrates behind/under the instrument panel. Then as I begin to drive the noise increases with the rise in rpm and sometimes the noise stops for 10-20 seconds and starts again.
Usually after its warmed up, say 15-20 minutes, the screeching fades to a rough low growling sound which remains constant, idling or driving.
Is it my water pump bearing? Or - for a long time I have oil leaking from where the distributor body meets the engine block - is the distributor bearing breaking up? (By the way, could a new distributor shaft O ring, solve my leak?)
I'd appreciate any insight! Thanks!
Canuck guy
April 18, 2007.

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