2000 Toyota Corolla


My car is 2000 corolla and It has check engine light on. I check the code and it is P1656 ( OCV circuit malfunction). Can you tell me what is that code mean? And what part should I change? Also, where is the gas fillter for this car? I see 1 filter behind the Evap cap ( green cap) on the fuel line but not sure about it. Can you help me out. Thank you.
April 15, 2007.

Start with checking the coolant level of the car. I would be that they might have put in a new water pump while they were in the area. Check the coolant level, then with the engine warm, crack open a bleeder on the cooling system to allow air out of the system. See how that works for starters. Then look around and check out the vacuum lines for any leaks.

Bruce Hunt
Jan 26, 2007.