Toyota Corolla

2000 Corolla VE 50,000 FWD 4-cyl.

When I changed the bearings (passenger side front) I damaged the ball joint boot. Instead of replacing the entire piece, I put a new boot around the old joint. I squeezed the lubricant out of a new one and put it around the old one. It was hard work but I managed to get a new boot around an older ball joint. : Twisted: I know that it has been contaminated and should be replaced soon, but does the boot hold a pressure along with protecting the joint from debris?
Would this cause my car to pull when I accelerate moderately? I have read about torque steer, but it didnt drive this way before I replaced the bearings. I went through Napa to have them pressed, and I dont think that I damaged the Tranny or CV axle end when I removed/replaced CV axle. : Arrow: Pulls to left when I accelerate and back right again when I let off.
February 1, 2007.

Better check that part of the suspension-something is wrong-by any chance did you overtighten the wheel bearings-there's such thing as preloading it.

Feb 1, 2007.
Are you referring to the nut at then end of the CV axle? The bearing and hub assembly was pressed together by Napa.

Feb 9, 2007.
Yeap! Better have the Toe/Camber check-you probably misalign the knuckle and the struts.

Get a wheel alignment

Feb 10, 2007.