'97 116,000 MILES

1997 Toyota Corolla

Recently I've been having problems related to shifting/acceleration. I drive a 5 speed and after I get it into 5th gear it is very loud and sounds like it desperately needs to be shifted again. Don't have an rpm gage, but sounds like that is increasing. After driving for about 10 mns at 60mph and over there is a bad odor almost like burning rubber. Having no problems with actual clutch or shifting, or while driving at low speeds. Any suggestions? Thanks!
December 30, 2006.

Take it to a shop and have it checked before any damage is done to anything. If you smell burning something, its an indicator that something is getting very hot. Excessive heat causes damage. Might just be the clutch slipping at higher speed.

Dec 31, 2006.
When the noise is only evident when the transmission is in a particular gear( for your case in 5 th gear), suspect only those components that have been engaged by selecting that gear.
In this case I would check the fith gear or synchronizer

Jan 1, 2007.