1995 Toyota Corolla

Tires and Wheels problem
1995 Toyota Corolla 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive

I have a noise coming from the left front end. The faster I go the louder the noise. The front end also shakes a bit the more I increase speed. I have replaced the struts, brakes, rim and the tire. Nobody seems to be able to tell me what's wrong. When I had the brakes done I was told that I needed to have the calipers replaced. Since I have taken my car to 3 different places & get 3 different answers I did not have the calipers replaced. I am a 46 yr old woman & have spent alot of $ to still have the same problem. Please help me if you can. I feel as if the mechanics are taking advantage of me.
August 10, 2009.

Hi there,

I would be checking the front wheel bearings, as there is no adjustment on these bearings if there is any movement in them they should be replaced, have this checked first.

Mark (mhpautos)

Aug 10, 2009.