1991 Toyota Corolla

I just brought this Corolla it's great but my battery lite is now ON. It has came on before but then turned off a couple of times. I removed the battery and car stays running. I also removed the alt. And had it checked at autozone just today and it " passed" I looked at 100 Amp fuse located on the positive cable and it looks to be fine. There is a inline 30 Amp fuse also on positive cable whitch was melted, I think it got too hot, but I believe that fuse goes to radio or something else. What could it be?
Thank You Jeff
June 3, 2006.

There is no original 30 amp fuse from the battery. It is for an add on boomer radio set up.

Get you alternator cheked by putting a meter across the battery. Trun you lights on. It sould read between 13.8 and 14.7 volts. If is in the 12v range the light will light.

The Zone doesn't check an alternator under load.

Jun 4, 2006.