1988 Toyota Corolla

Brakes problem
1988 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 180043 miles


well looks like i am having a big problems whit the brakes this time but this symptom is no new from now i think i am having this problem for a long time ago.

but this time is worst ok the thing is this

when i press the brake peal is go all away down to the floor . and that is scares me because when i want to stop that take a few second to stop really !!

well i thing is somebody told me i am having problems whit the master cylinder ? and i have to replace this part.

ok and the question is that is the real part i am having problems in the car.?

and that part looks like have if you see it before in that model 4 doors corolla 4AF carburetor engine
have another part in the back in black color i dont know the name of that part.

master cylinder and the part i am telling

i have to replace all those parts or only the master cylinder to repair this brake problem>?

i will show in the picture whit both parts

thanks for all the help can anybody give me this car its giving me all kind of problems .

June 5, 2009.

First check for leaks at the wheel cylinders and calipers/hoses/hard lines.
If you have a leak, it must be fixed before MC replacement.

If no leaks, then replace MC and bench bleed it prior to install.

Jun 6, 2009.