CODE 14 AND 24

1914 Toyota Celica

I have a 93 Celica gt I jumped wires e1 to te1 and turn the key over and the check engine light gave me code 14 and 24 then it just kept repeating 1 pause 4 pause 2 pause 4. I looked these codes up and got ignition signal and intake air temperature signal. What could this be? I'm confused.
April 26, 2007.

14 means the computer is not getting the spark confirmation from the ignitor-therefore it will not issue an Igt signal to the ignitor to fire the coil total results-No spark

24 its with the MAF sensor that pertains to the THA circuit to the ECM.

Keep fixing it till it breaks-then you'll have something to do. No pay, No freelove its on you kid.

That 93 Cecilia love is giving you a hard time huh! Give it right back lol!

Good LUck

Apr 26, 2007.
Yea I didnt expect it to have this many problems. Lol. And im clueless when it comes to these damn ricer burners. Thank u for all ur responses tho

Apr 27, 2007.