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2003 Toyota Camry

Several problems all at once on a 2003 Camry that has been previously trouble free. I have odorless white smoke coming out of vent occasionally when running the A/C. It disappears when A/C is shut off. My husband says this is condensation, yet phone conversation w/ dealership says A/C may be leaking fluids and to bring it in for a check-up. Your opinion on cause of problem? This happened for the first time right after an oil change - any connection?

Also, anti-lock brakes are squeaking like crazy, and on two different dates brakes took TOO long to stop car -- incredible distance from braking to stopping. Should I be worried -- original brakes on car. Please respond as I travel a distance to work, and I also don't want to be ripped off by dealership.
July 20, 2007.

Get the brakes check immediately and for the smoke could be the heater core leaking.

Jul 20, 2007.