Toyota Camry

'93 Camry Wagon, 4 cylinder, 217,000 miles.

When the engine is warmed up it stalls either when coming to a stop or when attempting to accelerate from a stop. If I use the gas pedal to keep the RPMs up it does not stall. Once stalled, it will not start again for 30 minutes to an hour -- until the engine is cooled down. Recently, repairs were done in an attempt to fix this. It ran fine for one day after the repairs -- no stalling or hesitation from a stop. Also, it would now start up immediately after being turned off -- engine warm or cold. The next morning the same stalling symptoms were back. The repairs done: (1) distributor was replaced -- very noisy bearings (2) fuel pressure regulator replaced (3) igniter replaced -- no change on symptoms, so the old igniter was put back in.

A new or worsening symptom (and possibly unrelated): I am getting gas fumes in the passenger compartment for a minute or so after starting the car when the heater A/C fan is on (happens even for the 1st start of the day).
September 19, 2007.

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