Toyota Camry

I have a '93 Camry with about 145,000 miles on it. I've had it for about 5 years now and I've never had a problem with it till this summer. In May my coil went out while I was driving. Then about a month ago my distributer went out. Both time the car would crank buy wouldn't catch. The first time I replaced the distributer cap and rotor. This last time I replaced the battery cables and fuel filter. I didn't think that it was either one on those but they needed to be replaced and it was a lot cheaper to do my self than paying someone else to figure out that was the problem. Now this morning my car worked fine the first time I started it. I came back out about 3 hours latter and it wont' do anything. I can get the lights and radio to come on. But it wont' crank or anything. I'm lost here. The repair shop I took it too before was AAA certified, they sent me there the first time and I went back the second time because I thought that it may have been the same thing and it was still under the warranty. I don't know if the people there have just misdiagnosed it both time or what.
September 23, 2007.

If its not turning over the batt and starter and alt need checked

Sep 25, 2007.