Toyota Camry

I have a 99 Toyota Camry with 154,000 miles and went to work and my car wouldn't start up for me. I had the mechanic at the job take a look at the car to see what was wrong and he said that my water pump locked up and the timing belt went bad. He wanted to charge 600.00 for everything. That's pretty steep since I don't have that type of money. So I called around to a mechanic to see if there was a cheaper price so I found one for 500.00. I got it towed to be fixed, the new mechanic looked at it and came to the same conclusion. It's the water pump and timing belt. He worked on the car and said that he put in a new water pump and timing belt and the car turned over, but then a valve stripped the new timing belt and it won't start. He says that I need a new motor, but I don't think that's the case. I never heard of a toyota motor going bad this early. I know of toyotas that have been running on 300,000 miles and they're still good. My car is not starting at all now, so what could possibly be the problem now? What should I do? Please help.I'm stumped.

The mechanic said that he threw away my parts and that I would have to pay out full the price he estimated. For what my car doesn't even work. I'm a single woman trying to make ends meat and I don't have that type of money to throw away. I don't know what to do. I think i'm being stiffed.
August 29, 2007.

I'm not sure what motor have, bur both are not interference motors. Makes me wonder if the $100 different shops are related to integrity. That moter should be able to spin all day long with a broken timing belt and not have a problem with the valves.

I guess take it to a 3rd shop for diagnosis. The first shop probably won't be too enamoured with you.

Thanks. That's what I was saying. So I guess we'll try somebody else.

Aug 29, 2007.