1995 Toyota Camry

I am having trouble with my temp gauge on my 95 camry 4 cyl. With automatic trans. The gauge will not move and the fans do not come on. I can get fans to turn on by turning on the A/C. Could I get some help on this problem. I did replace the temp sensor and nothing happened. Any advise would be great.
March 14, 2007.

Could be the gauge itself and as for the fans a fan relay-sometimes 3 of them in 1 car and wired differently.

Mar 15, 2007.
I am still having trouble with my 95 camry 4cyl, auto. The temp gauge is inop and the fans do not seem to be coming on. When the A/C is on both fans operate. I have checked all relays and they all checked good. I have replaced the temp switch and the temp sending unit. Found gauge in dash is bad.I installed an external gauge and temp running about 210 while driving and 230 sitting in traffic. The fans never came on. I felt that these temps are a bit too high. And the cooling fan should have came on. I turned on the A/C at 230 degrees to ensure the air movement for cooling due to heavy traffic. I am going to replace the t-stat but shouldnt the cooling fan come on at these temps. Or is this normal operating temps for this car. I am not to sure where to go from here. Any help would be great.

Mar 19, 2007.