2007 Toyota Camry

Engine Performance problem
2007 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

I would like to tune up my camry myself. Need guidance, Your support would be highly appreciated. Thanks
January 30, 2010.

Oil change, air filter change, spark plug change. Thats about all thats required of a tune up these days. If you have a grease gun you can grease up the tie rod ends on the steering knuckle. Other then that.

Jan 30, 2010.
-Well that seems simple enough. I am in FL & change the oil on my '07 LE every 3 months; cabin air filter every 6. How often do you recommend I change the engine air filter and at what mileage do you think changing the spark-plugs is prudent and how often thereafter? Also when/how often should the spark-plug wires be replaced?
On behalf of Weekend Warriors everywhere, my thanks!

Feb 21, 2011.
Engine air filter should be every other oil change but that depends on city vs highway driving and what kind of conditions you drive in. Spark plugs I would do about 75k but you can make it till 100k but then you will really start to see wear. Next time will be 150 or 200k your call. Spark plug wires dont go bad that often you can take out a ohm meter and ohm them out. Should be no more then 10k ohms of resistance per foot of wire. But most of the time they are replaced with them plugs to save labor later on.

Feb 22, 2011.