2003 Toyota Camry

Engine Cooling problem
2003 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 60000 miles

I just had my car in for a belt replacement and they found the water pump leaking. This water pump was replaced about 2 years ago under warranty. Shouldn't a water pump last more than 2 years? They said they checked for causes of why the water pump may have leaked prematurely but found none. Is there some problem with these water pumps they aren't telling me?
Also when they did the replacement under warranty they charged.9 hours, when they did this replacement they charged 2.5 hours. They said the warranty hours and customer hours are different in Mithcells manual. The manual said the job is 4 hours and they only charged me 2.5 hours.
Could you confirm this for me?
Robert Kalberer
September 8, 2008.

Hi Robert,

Based on Mitchell, labor time is 1.2 hours for inline 4 cyl engine.

Sep 14, 2008.