1998 Toyota Camry

Noises problem
1998 Toyota Camry Front Wheel Drive Automatic 200, 00 miles

My car is a 1998 Toyota Camry with 200,000 miles on it. Had been sitting in a relatives garage for a number of years before it was given to me. Was inspected and given a checkup, everything was good. A few months after getting the car I got into a minor fender bended with another vehicle, enough to break the plastic over the right blinker and make the right front fender hang off a bit. Everything else seemed to be fine so I didn't really worry. Then a week later I started noticing this grinding noise (kind of like metal against metal) when I turned the car to the left. It doesn't do it often, just every once in a while right after I've started it up and started driving. Then during a snowstorm I slid on an icy road and ended up bumping into a sign and going up on a curb. The tire looks like it is a little off, kind of like it needs air but something is wrong with the actual wheel I think. And then one day as I was accelerating up a hill the engine took a couple more seconds than usual to shift gears and started making a loud rumbling noise so I pulled over and checked the engine, and not being a car person I didn't see anything wrong. I checked the oil and saw that it was very low so I put about 3 quarts in. It ran fine for a day after that but now has started making a ticking sound. I talked to a car friend of mine and he said it could be because I need more oil or something might be wrong with the transmission. I just want my car back in the shape it was when I got it! What do I do about the ticking noise and the grinding noise?
February 14, 2009.

The grinding noise could be the CV joints and the ticking could be the lifters or low oil pressure

Feb 14, 2009.