1991 Toyota Camry

Engine Performance problem
1991 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 202000 miles

I have rebuilt a dozen engines in my life and am a fair shade tree mechanic. My car occasionally sounds and feels like it is running out of gas. It sputters and once in a while stalls but starts again like nothing has happened. Sometimes when I stop at a stoplight and start to go it stumbles for a second or 2 and then moves right a long or just quits but restarts immidiately and off we go. In the mornings it is hard to start - sounds like it is trying to pump the gas and eventually starts and runs fine till it starts it's occasional sputter problem. I replaced the fuel pump, filter, and fuel regulator but no difference in the problem. Yesterday when I pulled off the fuel rail regulator there was no pressure. I talked to a couple of mechanics at the local Toyota dealer and they had no answer but Toyota dealer wants $90+ to diagnose my problems. I'm stumped. Any ideas?
November 28, 2009.

LOL. Will you pick up the air fair from Aust so I can come and get it. Second thoughts after you get this sorted you should have a great little car. Let me know how you get on.


Dec 7, 2009.
I stopped by my favorite junkyard to pick up an ignition coil but there were none available.. Apparently a common problem. I ordered one on the Net and installed it in 10 minutes and my problems are solved. My fuel problem was an electrical problen. I am even more in love with my old Honda Civic now because it doesn't throw problems in disguise at me, point in one direction instead of the right direction, hide engine light notices, and all the other over-engineered bs that my Camry does. Thanks for your help.

Jan 3, 2010.