1990 Toyota Camry

For the last 8 weeks I have had a starting issue with my car. I put the key in, I turn it to start, she starts. Then dies. All lights come on the dash and no engine.I would turn the key again. And she would start just fine and no driveablity issues. This normally only happened in the mornings. I decided to have the fule filter replaced, but that didn't seem to solve the issue. Over the last 8 weeks it's gotten progressively worse. I have taken her in and they scanned the computer and got nothing. EGR valve is working fine. I have done a Lucus treatment, that hasn't changed anything. Now it takes three or more times to start her up EVERY time I go to start her. And sometimes if I don't let her warm up to the halfway mark on the temp gage, when I drive her she will do the whole turn off thing or try to. Normally if I pump the gass she works fine. Took her into a shop, they say fuel pump and want bucks for it. Called a few other places. They aren't convinced.

Car: 1990 Camry, 4 cylinder, 2.0 EFI engine.
New Parts (replaced in the last year):
Timing Belt
Water Pump
Fuel Filter
EGR moduel
September 27, 2007.

Have you tried to remove and clean idle air control valve
95 % its gettiing stuck

if to do it your self,

car must be cold

antifreeze run throw the valve

good luck
let us know

Sep 27, 2007.
The cold start injector is faulty, it hooks right into the intake manifold, gives extra fuel on cold starts

Oct 1, 2007.