Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1989 toyota 4-runner, 6cyl. 3.0 liter w/about 160,000miles. I have replaced the thermastat twice and the raditor keeps sucking the fluid somewhere in the engine and i'm seeing alot of white smoke coming out of my exhast. It is still overheating and I am wondering if my problem are my head gaskets bad? It has taken the rest of my money for this month to try to get my problem fixed. Any kind of help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreated.
toyota disaster
Toyota disaster
April 23, 2007.

Take the vehicle to a garage and have them do a pressure check on the cooling system. That would tell you whether there is a blown head gasket or any other problem.

Apr 23, 2007.
Very obvious the head gasket is blown.
The white smoke through the exhaust is in fact steam from water running through the engine 's combustion chambers.

Only help is to fix the head gasket.

What was the cause for overheating, full throttle driving or hard terrain works?
Find the cause and stop bothering afterwards.
Good luck

Dec 14, 2007.
How does the truck run? Does it have a miss? Most likelyit it is a blown head gasket but a compresson check would see where the problem is, if it has a miss there could be a other problem.

Jan 14, 2008.