2000 Toyota 4Runner

I'm having problems refueling my gas tank to capacity. Everytime I go to refuel, the gas pump would stop and l would still have the ability to pump an additional 2 - 3 gallons (with constant pulling of the trigger). I've used different gas stations and still no difference. But I did notice that in some gas stations, I can sqeeze the trigger lightly (1/8 to 1/2 inch) and would be able to fill the tank. My car is a 2000 4 Runner, 2 wheel drive, V6 and I forgot the engine size (sorry). Can anyone help?
September 14, 2007.

Hi there,

It sound like the fuel tank venting system may be blocked. You will have to check the venting system back to the carbon purge filter these filters should be replaced during major services here in Aust every 80,000 Kms not to sure where you are. These filters can block up and the fuel tank will not vent when re fueling, and can cause the type of fault you have.

Mark (mhpautos)

Sep 15, 2007.
Where is the Fuel Tank Venting System? Is it next to or in the Fuel Tank? What Does it look like? Is it something I can replace or repair?

By the way, I live in Norwalk, California.

Sep 15, 2007.