2002 Suzuki XL7

Electrical problem
2002 Suzuki XL7 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

At first we thought it was the battery, so we cleaned the terminals and jumped it. Barely got home. The lights dimmed, the engine reved as thought it needed to shift, and seemed sluggish. The next day we did a trickle charge for the batt, and it seemed ok. The next day it lunged with the same shifting issue and died. Wouldn't turn over. Next we replaced the alternator and yes, it was checked out at autozone as being bad. Then we got a new battery as it was the original. All was well for two days and then after about 4 miles the same reving and hard down shift and then it had no acceleration, and died. Got towed home. Disconnected the battery and set it on a charger again (new battery) and yes, it started. So what is causing the drain for the battery to not hold the charge> Is it the computer somewhere?
December 21, 2008.

You will have to have a drain test carried out to discover the fault

Dave H
Apr 27, 2010.