2005 Suzuki Reno

Warranty problem
2005 Suzuki Reno 4 cyl 56000 miles

i bought a used suz. Reno 05 back in oct. 08, it had 55,000mil. Since i've driven it I don't like it! The value cover gasket is leaking. I took it back they said it would cost $100. The front tire feels like it has a bad spot in it. The transmission don't feel like it changes right. And the steering wheel makes a noise when I turn to left. So with all this, I just don't like it. ( U know after u driven a car for awhile and u don't like it) so I was wondering is there some way I can take it back. I've heard some dealers honoring that. Does suzuki? Also the doom light went out.
February 27, 2009.

The dealer will not take the vehicle back i'm afraid. You will need to have the repairs carried out unless you got a warranty !

Dave H
Mar 24, 2009.