1994 Suzuki Other

Transmission problem
1994 Other Suzuki Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 64,000 miles


I recently removed my throttle cable from the carb, and upon re-installation, I noticed 2 problems I hadn't observed before.

1. When driving in " D", there are times when the tranny just downshifts for a second and then upshifts without any change in throttle position.

2. When moving off from stationary, the car changes through 1st & 2nd fine, but upon 3rd (3spd). The car seems to run out of power. Feels like the engine is labouring. It will barely past 25mph unless I have a long enough stretch.

I know these problems could be associated with improper cable adjustment, but no matter how I attempt to readjust the throttle cable, it wont change. I have no access to the service manual. Any suggestions?
September 4, 2008.

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