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1995 Subaru Legacy - the orginal set of seat belts ( center behind parking brake ) were worn badly-- when to junk yard and replaced them with the same type as orginal (veh year-model)
NOW. The belts will not " lock" either when the brake is depressed or not. Wzzz's up?

1995 Legacy
4 cyl - 2.2 - 4 dr
Mark Holm
June 7, 2007.

Sometimes crap gets caught up in the mechanism. I have fix some by blindly poking around in there. I am not fully aware of how the subaru ones work in particular so maybe it isn't mechanical in nature.

Service writer is right, the seatbelts work on a inertia system. Pull the strap all the way out. With the belt extended, spray a very little amount of w-d 40. Let the belt do back in some then jerk it out to see if it locks.

Jun 16, 2007.
For what it matters, I like to use silicone spray instead. Juts my preference in aromas.
: )