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I have a 4 door Subaru Outback SW, 2002. The parking light will not go off. It is not the button on top of the steering wheel. I have tried some different options, checked all fuses, ect. Negative results. If I remove the 10A fuse, it is off, but when I replace it back, lights are always on. I have tried also to remove negative cable from the battery and having the key in ignition on and place it back, but negative results. Can someone help?
Bernie C
September 3, 2007.

All right. I did not really wanted to wait for an answer after a few days! This post has been seen 11th times, but no answers! The car was brought to the concessionaire today. The entire electronic system was checked. 2, 20 hrs later, the mechanic found out that there was a cable loose from the radio behind the dashboard. This cable was touching another cable, causing the parking lights being on all the time. My mechanic told me he had never seen this in 8 years! So far, everything has been fixed! Ciao

Submitted for those who may encounter this problem!

Bernie C
Sep 4, 2007.