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I have a 91 subaru legacy wagon 4 door hatchback, that has the push button height control option. The switch is stuck on, and the vehicle is stuck in the high position, IE very bumpy ride, almost undriveable. I took the vehicle to a repair shop to have the problem repaired they said that I had leaks in the air bags which control the height control, and it would be tons of money to replace the system. I dont care about the height control, and just want it removed or disengaged.

I have tried pulling the fuses and disconnecting the battery to restart the ECU, with no luck.

What can I do, I just want it out of the the high position an driveable again. Can I some how disengage and disconect the switch?

Thanks very much,

May 1, 2007.

You can disconnect the power going to the air suspension, then loosen up the air control for each shock letting the air out leveling the vehicle,


May 20, 2007.
If you are not mechanically inclined you may want to consider just converting to a passive coil system. I got tired of the problems I was having with my Legacy last year. They told me the same thing ALMOST. They told me that my compressors were bad. I bought new compressors and BAM. Shortly after back in the shop buying new airbags this time and a new compressor to replace the NEW one that the airbags just killed! I had heard about Strutmasters. Com so I checked them out. It has been 8 solid months riding on my new conversion kits and I love them. They have a lifetime warranty (unlike ANY air suspension parts you will EVER find), the people were helpful and I actually prefer the coil spring ride to the air ride. Hopefully this helps a little. I would hate to hear you have to spend as much money as I did just to learn the same lesson. Good Luck!

Apr 28, 2009.