1992 Subaru Legacy

Electrical problem
1992 Subaru Legacy 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

When I shut off the car, it smelled like it was overheating. Then I tried to turn it back on and there was no power, none of the interior lights work, the indicator on the dash doesn't say the doors are open, no radio, etc. I changed the battery and tried boosting. Door chimes and parking lights do work, but nothing else. Any ideas? Maybe a main fuse? Thanks
December 15, 2009.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for the donation.

There is a fusible link in the main fuse box underdash that controls all the electrical circuits except the lightings.

Are the hazard lights working?

Hope it is as simple as the fusible link as the burning smell could mean a burnt wireharness due to a shorting somewhere.

A visual inspection is required to confirm if any harness connectors are burnt due to loose connections.

Dec 16, 2009.
It was a fusible link in the fuse panel (note fuse panel is under the hood, drivers side). There was a short in the alternator that caused the fusible link to blow. Replacing the fusible link and the alternator solved the problem (so far so good).

Thanks, nick

Dec 16, 2009.