1999 Ford Ranger • 135,000 miles

If I'm going out of my neighborhood I don't mind wearing my seat belt but I'eve had it w/the chiming cuz it rings constantly regardless if it's engaged. Therefore I want it disconnected permanently.I can still use it. I've tried several methods via advice, Internet etc. Incl. Engage-disengage with this n' that & emergency brake engaged & the key in all positions. All to no avail except for the initial ride. Once I return & shut-off & restart I'm back to sq. One. And yes up to 12 engage/disengages. {1999 ford ranger xlt 6 cyl. 2 wheel drive}. Any help / advice would INDEED be greatly appreciated, Thank You Bob rfkgo4it@gmail. Com AND TRUST ME IF I GET A VIABLE RESOLUTION A DONATION WILL BE FORTHCOMING BECAUSE I HAVE OTHER ISSUES W/THIS FORD ! I NEED AN ANSWER 1st because I've already shelled out $100 + w/o a fix
September 6, 2013.

If your vehicle and mine collide, you have a better chance of helping save both our lives if you're wearing a seat belt. I know it seems a nuisance, but please do me and everyone else in the vicinity a favor and wear your seat belt wherever you're driving. Thank you.

Sep 6, 2013.
U need to replace the belt!

Sep 6, 2013.