2000 SEAT Ibiza

2000 SEAT Ibiza Manual

Hi can you help,

I have very little car knowledge,

this morning my car was completely ices over due to heavy icy weather conditions.

Once the ice cleared from car I switched on my wippers to try clear any remaning ice from my windscreen.

However my wipers wont work. Its been 5 hours now and the ice has completely gone from my car so I know they are not just froze/stuck.

have you any advice for me? If they are completly worn/gone how long does it take to fix in general, would it cost alot? I only ask as so far this month ive spent over  £800 between brakes and a new clutch

Thanking you in advance
December 20, 2009.

Check the nuts and splines are good on the mounting

Dave H
Feb 26, 2010.