2002 Saturn Vue

Computer problem
2002 Saturn Vue 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 161400 miles

My odometer all of a sudden was reading way over what it should have been implying I put on 90,000 in about only 4 months. I don't drive the car everyday and I only drive it to work which is about 8 miles away about 4 days a week so obviously I didn't put on these actual miles. My first thought was that it was tampered with by the previous owner to get a higher price quote when they traded it in at Saturn. I brought my car in to get it checked out and they told me it was my VCM that had a short in it which made the milage not read what it should.
What is a VCM exactly? Would this really happen (with the milage and VCM acting as they said)? Is it possible that a dealership would blam it on this instead of saying it was tampered with to avoid any legal actions?
February 8, 2008.

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