1997 Saturn SW1

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Saturn SW1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 158000 miles

My 97 Saturn SW1 has been slowly burning/leaking more and more oil. I first noticed it when the oil light flashed on the dash. I immediately stopped and bought oil. Eventually, the oil leaked out faster and faster without smoking! So I looked into buying an oil stabilizer. This seemed to help quite a bit. But a few months later, it started smoking out the exhaust, and over 3 days it got to the point where it was undriveable. There is so much thick white smoke that I leave a trail 4 blocks long behind me. Any idea what can be happening? Head gasket?
The other thing the car does sometimes is shudder when idling in gear at a light. If I put it into neutral, it stops.
August 5, 2009.

Hello -

If you are getting white smoke out of your tail pipe then I am sorry to say, but 99% of the time you have a blown head gasket.

Check your coolant and you may see engine oil in it.

Check your oil. You may see coolant in it.

You can also remove the plugs and check for water.

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Aug 5, 2009.