2002 Saturn SC2

Brakes problem
2002 Saturn SC2 4 cyl Automatic 70000 miles

The ABS is activating all the time, especially at low speeds. The mechanic said I need a new ABS. I am wondering if it could be anything else. I have read online that it could be the bearings, the hub, or a bad server in the hub. Mind you I have no idea what that all means! But since a new ABS costs $1400+ for the part alone, and I am unemployed, I want to rule out other options. Since the winter is over, can I just disconnect the ABS system? I greatly appreciate any advice and guidance! I am sorry I can't donate right now since I'm barely making it right now. I hope someone can just give me some ideas. Your kindness and generosity will surely come back to you. Thanks! Beth in Ohio
March 14, 2010.

Can u go to a auto parts store like autozone and see if they can read ur abs codes let's start there.

Mar 14, 2010.