1994 Saturn SC2

Computer problem
1994 Saturn SC2 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

For a few weeks i hear clicking between my front seats. When the car not running,and it's causeing my battery to die. i replace the battery already. I also have a problem with the cooling fan coming on really late. It comes on when it hits the red mark. Radiator was replace and thermostate, and waterpump.The only thing i left out is the passenger side seat belt track doesn't move .Its stuck in up pisition. What module is in between the seats?

June 1, 2010.

I posted the diagram where your coolant temp sensor and temp gauge sensor is.For your fan coming on late i would try changing your coolant temp sensor the bottom one with a yellow and black wire there only 10 make sure you get the brass tipped one.Inspect your connector going to it if it's corroded then change the connector too.Make sure the engine is cold and you will loose coolant.Now as far as your box under your center console that's your passive restraint control module that has all the relays for seat belts.It's the brain for the seat belt's so to speak.They usually keep clicking when your battery is low that's the most common reason for that.When it's clicking can you see the seat belt moving?You could have a bad door jamb switch also i have seen a bad ground cause the seat belts to cycle.If you pull up your ebrake handle and pop that little panel off the center console below the ebrake arm.Can you see any cracks in the passive restraint control module or is it all sticky and nasty looking?Let me know.

Jun 1, 2010.
O yes its sticky and nasty. Thanks for the cooling fan answer.I already bought the switch. Just have to put it in

Jun 2, 2010.
Is the module cracked?A lot of the time when stuff get's spilled on the module they go bad. If you were going to try changing the module I would try to find a used one that was clean and not cracked. There expensive to get them new. Also you never said if your seat belt's move while driving or not opening the door. Let me know.

Jun 3, 2010.