1996 Saturn SC1

Electrical problem
1996 Saturn SC1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 152000 miles

bought car used, radio speakers cut out when lights are turned on?
February 13, 2010.

Do u have a factory radio or aftermarket?

Feb 13, 2010.
It is a after market radio, pioneer. Plays beautifully until I turn on the lights, then all that I get is noise from the speakers. When I turn off the lights the radio shuts off. I have to restart the car to get the radio to play correctly again. Checked wiring diagrams, it is connected correctly

Feb 14, 2010.

sounds like the wiring is messed up somewhere here is a wiring diagram for the radio i would start by checking where the park lamps are feeding into the radio because that wire powers up with headlights on.if ur wiring is good then the only thing else u have left is a bad radio.but it sounds like wiring to me.let me know what u find.

Feb 15, 2010.