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I hope you can help. I have been having this problem with my 2002 Saturn SL1 mileage 58,850. The problem only occurs after the vehicle has warmed up fully. I have a major drop in power and I can feel it in the gas pedal. Most of the time just to accelerate I have to put the pedal to the floor and it is still not a quick response. Also, when i'm starting from a stopped position there is a brief moment where it seems like the car will stall then be fine. I've replaced the plugs, coil packs, air filter, but i'm too broke to bring it to a shop. Any advice will be helpful advice.
November 28, 2006.

Just an idea. Check and see if there is any exhaust flowing out of tail pipe when car getts warm. Or try dropping the exhaust before the cat.

Dec 11, 2006.
I had the same problem with my 92 saturn. Replaced the oxygen sensor and everything was fine. From my understanding the O2 sensor picks up the ratio of fuel / air at the exhaust and sends signals back to the ecm.

Jan 13, 2007.