1995 Saturn Other

Engine Cooling problem
1995 Other Saturn Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 18600 miles

my saturn is a 5speed it is hard to start when it does start you have to keep giving it gas the temperature gage is on and the coolant gage is also on and when you turn the care off the fan continues to run
C tucker
September 11, 2010.

I would try changing the coolant temp sensor it's the bottom sensor with two wire's going to it.Real common for them to go bad there only 10 make sure you get a brass tipped one the plastic tipped one's crack.Make sure you check the connector too if it's corroded you will have to replace the connector as well.all you have to do is squeeze the connector and it will unhook.When they go bad they cause starting problem overheating surging dieing no start's all kind's of problem's.Let me know how it goes

Sep 12, 2010.