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Have a 2000 Saab Nine Five wagon with 2.3 (?), 4 cyl turbo charged engine with 119,000 miles on it. Just today I noticed that after accelerating just moderately, not particularly hard, and then taking my foot off the accelerator, a cloud of blue smoke then comes out tail pipe. The engine otherwise runs superbly with excellent power. No smoke at any other times, including cold start. Rings? Valves? Expensive? Kinda bummed as this is a recent purchase! Thanks, Stuball
October 19, 2007.

Blue smoke is caused by engine oil entering the cylinder area and being burned along with the fuel air mixture. Remember it only takes a drop.

The check valve for the crankcase ventilation sticks which forces engine oil out into the exhaust pipe.

Oct 19, 2007.
Also. If the coolant flow turbo is reduced, which results in the temperature becoming so high that the engine oil builds carbon deposits around the turbine-side bearing. Over time these deposits reduce the oil flow through the bearing, which means that engine oil is forced past the turbine shaft seal and out into the exhaust pipe, resulting in blue smoke.

Oct 19, 2007.
Blackop555 is right on the money! It is most definately the turbo seal, time to start shopping for a new turbo.

Nov 14, 2007.