1997 Rover 6 Series

Engine Performance problem
1997 Rover 6 Series Front Wheel Drive Manual 130000 miles

Hello, I have a Rover 620 sdi I am having problems with my engine flattening out as I reach 2,400 revs. My top speed going downhill is 70 mph and uphill on a good day is 49 mph.
I recently took it to a garage and was told it would have to go on a diognostic machine. Once it was returned I was told that my mass air flow sensor needed changing.
Although I ordered and changed it myself I am still experiencing this problem. Now I'm being told by the garage that it could be the engine managment system, fuel filter, or even the turbo are knackered.
Simon stewart
June 20, 2009.

Have another diagnostic scan to see if the same fault code occurs or another !

Dave H
Oct 27, 2009.