2003 Rover 45

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Rover 45 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 49000 miles

Hi, I have a problem with my rover 45 1.8 saloon.I seem to have to make frequent top ups of coolant in the expansion tank, not a great deal but it is using water. The car does run well no loss of power does not overheat, it does seem to rattle a little bit in the mornings then runs smooth after a mile.I have replaced the expansion tank it did have a bit of gunge in and smelt a bit charcoley.I have had a new expansion cap oil change coolant reflush and new theomostat and housing and check all coolant hoses. The car still leaks water but runs and starts fine, I have have a block test done on the car for suspect head gasket failure but it passed, Pleased could anyone help.
May 11, 2009.

Have a chemical test carried out. To check the headgasket it may just be starting to leak !

Dave H
May 20, 2009.