2001 Renault Scenic

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Renault Scenic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 62300 miles

could you help please?I have a 1.4 2001 renault scenic I recently had the timing belt /water pump /alternator belt, changed, so I thought id have a go at an oil change < 1st time> myself.I put in 10w -40 semi synthetic oil which seems ok but was was wondering what is the best quality of oil I could use for the best performance/econemy. Also I have noticed a kind of burning rubber smell from the engine bay, and its only since I had the belts changed, could you tell me if this is ok/normal for just having the work done about a month ago?/Many thanks!
January 25, 2010.

10/40 oil is good for this year of vehicle. I would have the repair centre check over the belt repairs if you are getting a burning smell. This is not natural a month later and could be one of the belts is not aligned correctly which could break and damage the engine !

Dave H
Jan 26, 2010.